Mother Dairy, following in the footsteps of Amul, is raising the price of milk in Delhi by 2 per litre starting tomorrow

New Delhi: Due to growing input costs, leading milk supplier Mother Dairy has increased milk prices in Delhi-NCR and other areas by 2 per litre as of Sunday. The last time milk prices were changed was in December of this year. Mother Dairy justified the increase by claiming that the cost of obtaining milk from dairy farmers has increased by 8-10% in the last year. Other operating costs have risen as well.

Amul raised milk prices by 2 per litre across the board on July 1. “With effect from July 11, 2021, Mother Dairy is constrained to boost its liquid milk rates by 2/litre in Delhi NCR,” the company said.

From July 11 onwards, prices in important areas like as east and central Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, Nagpur, and Kolkata will be revised by 2/litre on the existing prevalent MRP in each case.

In Delhi-NCR, it sells roughly 30 lakh litres of milk per day, with a total of 35 lakh litres sold per day. “The company has been experiencing inflationary pressure on overall input costs, which have climbed multifold in the last year, accompanied by milk production difficulty owing to the ongoing pandemic,” according to the statement. Farm prices have risen by 10% in the last year.”It’s worth noting that milk farm prices have increased by around 4% in the last three to four weeks. Despite paying higher milk procurement rates in the previous year, consumer prices remained unchanged. Milk prices are being revised by 4% as a result of this revision “Mother Dairy expressed her thoughts.

According to the corporation, it has always tried to strike the proper balance.

Mother Dairy stated that it spends about 75-80 percent of its milk sales revenue on milk procurement.

“The company believes in paying farmers competitive and remunerative prices to ensure dairying’s long-term viability and the supply of safe milk for consumers,” according to the statement.

Bulk vended milk (token milk) will be offered for 44 cents per pound under the new prices.

Full cream milk (poly pack) will cost 57 cents per litre, up from 55 cents today. Toned milk prices have been raised to 47 cents per litre from 45 cents per litre, while double toned milk (Live Lite) rates have been raised to 41 cents per litre from 39 cents per litre. From Sunday, cow milk will cost 49 cents per litre, up from 47 cents today. The price of a half-litre milk bag has been raised by one, resulting in an effective increase of one dollar.

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