Over 100 European Startups enroll to EU-India InnoCenter programme in Q1

July 2021, India: The EU-India InnoCenter programme, which is financed by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation framework programme, is launching its first “Explore & Validate Program” on February 18, 2021, after a successful launch on February 18, 2021.

Through this programme, the EU, one of India’s top commercial partners and foreign investors, hopes to bring companies from Europe and India together. This project will promote collaboration and creativity, as well as the potential for more European investment in India in the long run.

Eight such ‘Explore & Validate Programs’ will be held over the InnoCenter’s three-year lifespan, allowing 64+ European businesses to successfully bring their breakthrough technologies to the Indian market. Since its founding, the InnoCenter has enrolled over 100 European entrepreneurs from a variety of industries, including sustainability, health, and life sciences, to name a few.

The initiative aims to help European businesses learn about sector-specific prospects, laws, and best practices in India, as well as connect with important Indian players. While the entrepreneurs have been preparing for the Indian market through a series of courses, workshops, and mentorship programmes, the InnoCenter is hosting.

About Blue Carpet Night – Showcasing European Innovation

Showcasing European Innovation Flagship Demo Day to promote European Innovation in India to a handpicked community of innovation receptors is the goal of Blue Carpet Night.

Shortlisted startups: Rundit, Pharmaoffer, CBN Agrotech, 3Minutes job.com, Rytle, Oxto Energy, Qualifyze, Hibergene, and Genomtec  will introduce new cutting edge technologies to an audience of potential clients, partners, investors, corporates, accelerators, and peers through the Blue Carpet Night, with reasons to how these technologies will support India in its growth across specific sectors.

Juliane Frömmter, the Program Head for the EU-India InnoCenter, who has previously worked on Internationalization Programs for T-Hub Foundation and German Accelerator, says, “Startups have the potential to grow into huge firms and contribute positively to foreign economies.” With the launch of the EU-India InnoCenter’s Explore & Validate Program, the EU-India InnoCenter has taken another step toward building a strong foundation.

  • H.E. Ugo Astuto, the European Union’s Ambassador to India, praised the progress made in the EU-India Innovation Partnership. “The EU-India InnoCenter will support the growth, funding, and collaboration of pan-European and Indian startups. This effort will make it easier to apply new technology and answers to the problems we confront in creating a green, digital future.

The InnoCenter EU-India is a non-profit organisation that promotes innovation in Europe and India.

The partnership is made up of six complementing companies with substantial experience and high repute in the creation of programmes in Europe and beyond. Mantra Launchspace and 91springboard are the Indian representatives, while Civitta, German Entrepreneurship GmbH, DutchBasecamp, and uGlobally are the European partners. The European Union has provided financing for the initiative.

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