Private firm to carry out property survey in Ghaziabad

A private firm has been hired to conduct a survey of taxpayers’ properties in the city so that the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation (GMC) can record accurate information and people do not have any difficulties in the future. Officials stated that taxpayers should supply the surveyor with accurate information on their properties, which is a free service.

Officials stated that taxpayers should supply the surveyor with accurate information on their properties, which is a free service. The state government has nominated Unicops Technology to conduct the survey using GIS (geographic information system) technology, according to Sanjeev Kumar Sinha, GMC’s top tax assessment officer. On behalf of the firm and the municipal corporation, an identity card has been granted to the surveyor so that before releasing the data of properties, the owners can see the id card.

“There is no cost to participate in the survey. All building owners and taxpayers are being urged to make the correct information about their properties public. It will aid in the accurate assessment of the property and the future resolution of various inconveniences,” Sinha stated. According to officials, the poll is being done in all of the state’s local corporations. A survey like this hasn’t been done in over a decade, during which time a lot of new buildings have been built. There are currently about 3.5 lakh property taxpayers that are subject to the tax rate.

The GMC approved a plan to raise the house tax by 15% with immediate effect last week. A few councilors objected to the idea, but it was finally approved by the board. Last year, the corporation collected Rs 146 crore in housing tax. The local body expects to receive an additional Rs 21 crore as a result of the rate increase.

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